Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rick Polikowski, BHS 1966

Rick Polikowski, BHS 1966

Very sad to receive this email from Guy Gingell, BHS 1966

Our friend, Rick Polikowski, has passed away from cancer around June 2013. Details are slow in coming as he was in living in So America. Rick was a Vietnam Veteran.
Anyone with specific information about where Rick died or where his body or ashes ended up, please call me directly. Guy Gingell 206 459-8864. I am a longtime friend of his and want to make sure he gets the burial he deserves. Thanks

As you may know by now that our friend and classmate at BHS, Rick Polikowski has passed away while living in Coco Beach, Costa Rica. I NEED YOUR HELP in finding out the circumstances of his passing. I understand that Rick was, at best, mistreated the last months of his life and most likely robbed of his dignity, his property and money. At this time, I cannot find out what happened to his remains. I am just distraught about how Rick was taken advantage of in Costa Rica. I will be organizing and looking into the circumstances concerning Rick's treatment the last couple months of his life.

Rick was adopted and his adopted parents had two children of their own and Greg is looking for them so he can get permission to bring Rick's remains returned to the US for burial in a National Cemetery.

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