Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Joanne Bernice Steen Stolpe, BHS 1953

Joanne Bernice Steen Stolpe, BHS 1953 ....................... Joanne was born on June 9, 1935 in Duluth, Minnesota and moved with her family to Burbank, California at age 8, so her parents could work for Lockheed during World War II. Joanne lived in a house on the hill near Lincoln Elementery and the Burbank Military Acadmy. The house is now gone part of the Los Angeles River. Joanne graduated from Burbank High School in 1953. After high school Joanne married Dan L. Stolpe, BHS 1949. They moved into a home on Lamer Street and lived in the same house for next 57 years. She raised her two children, was a Girl Scout leader, worked as a library aid at Joaquin Miller elementary school, and sold Tupperware and Avon products. .............. Joanne loved to travel. When her children were young, the family traveled extensively across the U.S. , Canada, and into Mexico by camper, but slept outside under the stars most nights. Joanne was proud of her Swedish and Norigan hertiage and would travel with her husband to visit family in Sweden and Norway, and also visited Denmark and Russia. Some of Joane's favorite things to do were short trips to the beach, to the mountains, and day trips with various senior groups. Joanne also loved to go to the Ronald Reagan Library where she would go several times a year................... After the death of her husband Dan, she became involved with the Southern Californian Genealogy Society where she volunteered helping out with membership, stuffing envelopes and putting stamps on envelopes and decoriating our tables at Christmas time for our Christmas Party and meeting. She also traveled with the
Patricians on day trips. ......................... Joanne was preceded in death by her parent, Husband Dan and a brother, Eugene Steen. Joanne is survived by her two children Kevin, Susan and two grand sons, Andrew and Joseph; and sister-in-law Marion McCarrick Steen, BHS 1949. She also leaves behind many friends from the Burbank High Senior Bulldogs Alumni group, The Patricians and the Sourthern California Genealogy Society.

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