Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gene Schultz, BHS 1946

Gene Schultz, BHS 1946 Passed away on Sunday May 10, 2009 in Sedona, Arizona. He had relocated permanently around 1987. He successfully owned and operated two large facilities, selling Indian artifacts and jewelry known as "Turquoise Buffalo Gallery" and "Buffalo Indian Traders". Gene leaves his wife, Geri, four sons and his sister Miriam Schultz Laird BHS 48 who lives in Camarillo, California. ----------------------- His friends recall many stories about Gene, all of them interesting and fun. Norm Waters BHS 46 recall Gene wanted to play Varsity Football, not "B". He was too thin and light so he ate as many bananas before the weigh-in. Alas, he remained a "B". One classmate recalls that at an assembly, to the surprise of all, Gene appeared on stage and sang a popular song of the day. He had little experience or training, but did a great job! May he Rest in Peace.

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