Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ruth Ann Bolen Estoup, BHS 1970

Ruth Ann Bolen Estoup ......... June 27, 1952 ~ January 17, 2016 ............ Ruth passed away on Sunday, January 17,2016 in Oregon. She had won a battle with breast cancer 18 years ago, but just two months ago in November she was diagnosed with the same form of cancer, but this time it had already metastasized to her spine and stomach. I had a number of e-mails back and forth with her in December regarding the upcoming BHS reunion of her older brother, but I had no idea about her current illness. Joyce Starleaf received a Christmas card from Ruth last month, but no mention about her being seriously ill. On Sunday Ruth's life-long close friend, Jennie Burke Schneider, phoned Joyce to let her know the very sad news of Ruth's passing................ Ruth Ann Bolen grew up at 825 Bethany Rd. in Burbank. She attended Emerson Elementary, John Muir, and BHS with all of us. While in school in Burbank she was a member of the Burbank Y Girl's Club, The Thoactleans, along with several that remained her closest friends throughout life. In the early 1970's Ruth moved to Oregon, which is where she has lived since, and where she passed away. She had lived with her family in Milton Freewater, Oregon for many, many years until now. Ruth worked in the banking industry for many years, and had retired within the past couple of years. The last BHS '70 Reunion that Ruth attended was our 2010 Reunion, which happened to be held on her birthday, June 27, 2010. She and her husband were on a trip to Europe this past June at the time of our 2015 class reunion. ............. Ruth is survived by her husband, Tom Estoup, her son Matthew Estoup (age 39), and her daughter Rebecca Estoup (age 36). She is also survived by her sister, Barbara (BHS '69) of Southern California, and her brother, Dennis (BHS '66) of Florida. ................... Alan Landros, BHS 1970, January 19, 2016

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