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Geraldine Lillian Mann, BHS 1970

Geraldine Lillian Mann, BHS 1970
Burbank Daily Review, November 6, 1971

Burbank's 11th victim of the year
Death believed caused by drugs

A 20-year-old Burbank woman became the city's apparent 11th victim of drug abuse when she died sometime Thursday November 5, 1971. The woman Geraldine Mann, was found by Burbank police lying in the front seat of her car about 11 a.m. Friday at 9th Street and Angeleno Avenue.

Of 13 previous drug-related deaths in the city so far this tear, police said it appears that five were accidents.
The body was actually discovered by a Burbank woman who was out to water her lawn near the curb where the vehicle was parked. She looked inside and saw the body, then called police.

"It's looks like she has been dead since 7 or 8 p.m. Thursday," said police Investigator J.V. Rodriguez. He said the cause of death appeared to be an overdose. "But a coroner's report should tell for sure," he added.
Miss Mann, a longtime Burbank resident, was described as a wonderful person, who was saving her money to go to Hawaii. She was the third child in a family of five children. Police said Miss Mann had no prior record of drug abuse.

"She visited me two weeks ago and seemed happy and excited about the possibility of going to Hawaii," said Mrs. Dorothy Rowles, a former neighbor of the girl.
Burbank's vice squad has arrested 253 persons this year so far in 199 drug cases. "And these are only adults." said Don Brown , vice investigator.

Police found a note in Miss Mann's car, apparently from her mother. The note told the girl to pick up a radiator cap for the car, then to go 4210 W. Magnolia and speak to Laura Tutich.
Mrs. Tutich is the director of The Bridge- A Way Across, an informal center for drug and other youth-related problems. And 4210 W. Magnolia is the address of Bridge. Mrs. Tutich said the girl never came to the center.

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