Thursday, August 3, 2017

Clara Isabel Castro, BHS 1997

Clara Isabel Castro, BHS 1997 - -1978 - 1995

Note: Clara Castro was listed on the old BHS/JBHS website as having passed away. I had no information on her until I found a In Memoriam page in the 1995 yearbook. It reads as follows:

Born November 4, 1978, in Medellin, Colombia, Clara Castro grew up trying her hardest each day to only be the best she could be. She was a loving sister, a respectable daughter and loyal friend.

Those who knew her saw past her petite physique, diabetes, asthma, and heart trouble. They saw her as a true friend, one who was honest and trustworthy; who put her close friends and family ahead of everything else.

Her death on Wednesday, February 8, 1995, touched the hearts of many. Several of those who knew her best, shed quite a few tears when they heard the sad, sad news.

But many want to be sure that although Clara is not with us in person, her memory will always remain.      Elishka Webb

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