Friday, July 26, 2013

Edward J. Kilduff, BHS 1973

Edward J. Kilduff, BHS 1973

Burbank Review, Monday, November 13, 1972

Burbanker Dies As Car Falls 1,000 Feet Off Cliff

A station wagon lacking tire chains dove 1,000 feet off an icy mountain road, killing a 16-year-old Burbank youth and seriously injuring two companions during the weekend.

A passenger, David Wooduff, 15, managed to claw his way up the steep canyon while suffering broken ribs and was able to notify authorities at a nearby probation camp.

A helicopter rescue team was dispatched by the U.S. Forest Service and rangers airlifted Edward Kilduff, 16, to County USC Medical Center. The Burbank youth, thrown clear of the wreckage, died a short time later of massive head injuries. Kilduff was a Burbank High senior.

The driver of the car, Mark Draper, 17, was extricated by rescue workers and airlifted to Palmdale General Hospital.

A Highway Patrolman said the youths had driven past a point on the Angeles Crest Highway where tire chains were advised because of icy conditions. Wooduff is a Burbank High junior.


  1. So very sorry to hear this news, we all have such busy lives. I see this is his Junior year picture. I did not know him personally, but I know of this type of tragedy. My friends and neighbors that I grew up with the Wyatt's had a set of twins, Kelly and Kerry Wyatt. Kelly died the same way in 1973 or 1974, He was at my wedding in 1973. I do not remember the date exactly. He lost control of his vehicle and drove off Angeles Crest Highway down 600 feet to his death. It was so sad. I know the pain it never goes away when we lose are love ones.

  2. Kelly died December 3rd 1973.