Saturday, July 1, 2017

Maryann Giessinger Smith, BHS 1959

Maryann Giessinger Smith passed away August 7, 2016 after a very long battle with bone cancer. 

She always had a very positive outlook on everything, including her illness. In recent months she realized her time was limited, and told her family that she knew she has had a wonderful life, and that she was ready to go when her time came.  Maryann was 75. She was born on May 8, 1941. Maryann had lived for many years in Morongo Valley in the Palm Desert area. 

Her siblings are Don Giessinger, BHS ‘61, Sherri Giessinger Coleman, BHS ‘67, and Valerie Giessinger Scott, BHS ‘71. Maryann passed away at the home of her brother, Don, and his wife, Janey (also BHS ‘61), in Atascadero. Their 93 year old mother, Jeannie Giessinger Cascio, is still living on her own in Santa Clarita. Maryann leaves a son, Shawn Padovich, and his four children, along with all the rest of her very large family who mourn her now.

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